Diabetic Education Classes

According to the American Diabetes Association,

  • Diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate in the United States
  • Approximately 30 million children and adults have diabetes in the United States
  • Approximately 575,000 people in Louisiana have diabetes
  • Every year, an estimated 27,000 people in Louisiana are diagnosed with diabetes


CommuniHealth Services is partnering with our patients to combat the diabetes epidemic! We offer quarterly group sessions where we take a further look into various components of living with diabetes, such as: 

  • Diabetes Overview
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional Aspects

These group sessions are offered to our pre-diabetic and diagnosed patients, and a member of their support system. The sessions last for half a day and light, nutritious lunches are offered. We work with our patients and caregivers to tailor each session to specific “hot topics” that pertain to their disease state and care plan. Our sessions are geared toward a group atmosphere and discussion is encouraged. We also bring in guest speaker(s) in diabetic-related fields during most of our sessions. 

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming sessions, please contact a member of our enabling services team, the nursing staff, or your provider.