Public Bid Notice 10/01/2020:


PROJECT:  New Bastrop Office

LOCATION:  314 N Franklin Street, Bastrop, LA 71220 (Morehouse Parish)

Public Notice: Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. opening a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for General Contractors for the construction of a 42,000 sq ft new medical office.  The RFQ requirements may be obtained from Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. and are available in electronic form here.

Office of Administration:

518 Durham Street, Bastrop, LA 71220

(318) 239-8015  – Phone

(318) 281-2559  – Fax


RFQ responses will be accepted up until  12 pm CST, Friday, October 19, 2020 in person or by mail to  518 Durham Street, Bastrop, LA 71220. More details are contained in the RFQ Section 6.1.

The Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all RQF responses.

RFQ Addendums

            10/8/2020 – RFQ Addendum #1 here

            10/12/2020 – RFQ Addendum #2 here

RFQ Update

            10/27/2020 – The RFQ process is completed. The approved bidders list is:

    • Don M Barron Constructor, Inc.
    • Gentry Construction, Inc.
    • Lincoln Builders of Ruston, Inc.
    • Traxler Construction Co, Inc.